Incremental Profiles Analysis in pForecast

Article about Incremental Profiles Analysis in pForecast

Several factors, such as introducing new fields, new wells, or performing facility upgrades and maintenance, affect the production of already producing fields. This is mostly because of flow and processing capacity constraints and pressure effects in the flowlines. To support project investment decisions, incremental profile analyses can be performed to quantify the net production of […]

pForecast provides a comprehensive data package for production profiles

Article about comprehensive data packages for production profiles in pForecast

pForecast performs both deterministic and stochastic analyses and generates unbiased production forecasts. The presented article provides a brief overview of the powerful reporting functionality in pForecast.   In pForecast, the user can choose between yearly or monthly plot granularity. It is also possible to present both stream day rates, assuming 100 percent uptime, and calendar day […]

Considering uncertainties as an integral part of production forecasting

Article about considering uncertainties as an integral part of production forecasting in pForecast

Oil price volatility over the past few years has made oil and gas companies more short-term focused than ever. This approach has arisen the necessity for a method that considers all the uncertainties involved in production forecasting both for long and short-term forecasting. It is also a common fallacy that forecasting is a subsurface-centric task. […]