New pForecast feature; Facility-2-Facility

New pForecast feature; Facility 2 Facility We would like to highlight a new feature that we launched in pForecast in early July 2023. It is the possibility of connecting one facility to another on the asset level.   In the oil and gas industry, it is common to find multiple production facilities within a single asset. […]

What’s new in pForecast?

What’s new in pForecast? The modern and cloud-based architecture of pForecast enables continuous deployment of new features and unlimited scaling. In the February 2023 release, the performance of stochastic analyses and incremental profiles analyses are enhanced.  The way pForecast handles drilling schedule has improved, now allowing for defining an unlimited number of drilling targets within […]

Cluster Insight with Powersim Software

Cluster Insight with Powersim Software – One of the biggest challenges at the moment is to get hold of experienced employees so that we can continue to deliver new functionalities in accordance with our customers’ needs in the future, says CEO Tone Haveland.  Cluster Insight offers a glimpse into the daily operations of GCE Ocean […]

Powersim Software joins GCE Ocean Technology

Powersim Software joins GCE Ocean Technology We are among 19 new companies to join the cluster GCE Ocean Technology in 2022.  Powersim Software is one of the highlighted members.