Supersprint 6 together with Aker BP

The pForecast team has finalized the second phase of the 6th Supersprint (SS#6) along with Aker BP. Phase 2 of SS#6 includes cutting-edge improvements for the end user, such as the possibility to limit production based on lack of injection.

The pForecast team has finalized the second phase of SS#6 with Aker BP.  

Phase 2 of SS#6 includes many improvements for the end user, and some major updates to the dynamics behind pForecast. pForecast has always had the option to limit injection based on actual production within a voidage group. Multi-levelled constraints are taken into account for both production and injection. Now, if lack of injection over time causes the voidage group deficit to be higher than a user-defined limit, the production will be reduced. With this update, the same voidage groups are used both ways.  

Another extension delivered in phase 2, is that stochastic analyses now support uncertainty in gas lifts. This applies to production potential profiles of the following type: 

Now gas lift values can be specified as uncertainties in the dashboard user interface as well as in imports from Excel. 

A third cutting-edge improvement is the option to specify negative correlation between wells within an uncertainty group.